Prairie Creek Park
A Deed Restricted Ranch Community On Charlotte Harbor, Florida.
We are the Premier Equestrian Community in Southwest Florida!

An Equestrian Ranch Community

Important Notice

     A Board of Directors meeting of Prairie Creek Park Property Owners Association, Inc. will be held on April 8th at 6:30 pm at the Ridge Harbor Community Building, 30337 Cedar Rd, Punta Gorda, FL 33982. Click on the link below to view the agenda for the meeting.

                                      Board of Directors Meeting Agenda

                                                                Master Plan (for Drainage)

                                            Map  (for Drainage)


    My name is Dianne Hughes and I live on Wildwood Ct in Prairie Creek Park. A couple of weeks ago the County was painting the stripes on Washington Loop. There were no signs for wet paint going out and of course it was around lunch time so there were no trucks working at the time. I crossed over the yellow line and got paint all along the driver’s side of my car. I know there were a couple of people along Washington Loop that this also happened to. The county says they can do nothing for me. I was wondering if anyone else had this issue on or around March 10th or 11th.  I would like to hear from anyone else this happened to. My phone # is 941-637-3888.

to the Prairie Creek Park Web Site.       

    We are an equestrian community located about 10 miles from Interstate 75. As you can see on our sign as you enter the Park, we are a ranch community.   Our Park offers over 11 miles of paved roads with maintained roadsides, and over 22 miles of maintained green belts for your safe traverse on horseback.  The
Park itself consists of three hundred lots ranging in size from  five to fifteen acres.  About 50 percent of the lots have been developed.   
     As you drive through the Park, remember that this is an Equestrian Park.  You may see horses or residents enjoying themselves on the roads here.  Please slow down and use caution.  Let's keep this this a safe and beautiful place for all. 

    New events are posted in What's Happening.  Check in there for what is going on in the Park.  You will also find a list of events for children there.

    All the monthly Association meetings for the year have been posted on the calendar.   We are always one meeting behind due to having Minutes being approved prior  to being posted.   The New Board is inviting all homeowners to join them at the monthly meetings to help us to inprove the Park.  So if you have never been to a meeting or have been in the past, come down and see what is going on in our Park and get involved.

     If you would like to be informed of when the website is updated, please send an email to me at  and an email will be sent to you when the web page is updated.
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Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte, Florida

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